I felt stuck.

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I now have a much better work- life balance.

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I never thought I would be the type of person who would use a coach, but it has totally change my life!

Dominique asks such insightful questions and has such great positive energy, it is really infectious.

Just an hour spending time with her guiding you is enough to make you realise a new path.

My life has totally changed after just a few sessions and I would absolutely recommend Dominique to anyone who feels like they are stuck in a rut, needs some direction or needs help to attain their goals.

Hannah Greaves

Dominique coached me though a real transition time in my career, not least affected by my new family. I was having a really difficult time identifying the priorities in my next steps relating to career progression but achieving a good work life balance. I had some really tough decisions to make.

Dominique helped me determine what my priorities were and how I could achieve them. She took me by surprise with her accurate observations and helped me reflect on how I could achieve certain things in ways I’d not previously considered. I’d never used a career coach before but it was really valuable to have a new perspective on my situation. I’m now happily settled into the new role I chose to suit both my career progression and family.

I will be checking in with Dominique to make sure I get the most out of my role in relation to my personal and career goals and I would thoroughly recommend her coaching to anyone!

Crystal Miller

A few more lovely reviews from my clients

'I needed support starting up my business.'

Wanting to develop and push forward my new business plan, I went to Dominique for support. She empowered me, allowed me to find accountability for my actions and dug deep to work out how my current actions were holding me back. By the end of my session I felt lifted; I had considered my big dream (what my successful business and life would look like) and I had a clear plan with achievable actions. This session gave me clarity. I now own a business that allows me time with my family and I get to enjoy doing what I love doing. Things are now on the right path.

Lorna Gell

'I needed accountability to take action.'

In the few sessions I've had with her, I've come away clearer about my work life balance and made decisions that I had been putting off for years.

What I love about my sessions with Dominique is the way she asks the right questions that helps get to the crux of an issue. She always gets to the bottom of the problem and then works with you to get the right and workable solutions, all the while never making you feel silly or anxious.

I cannot recommend her highly enough as a great coach to help you identify and work through most of the issues we all experience. You will come away feeling great and more sure of a way forward.

Fola Damola



I have seen the most positive changes in my business.

" ______________________________

Dominique has great energy, she is positive, friendly and has helped me to gain the clarity and confidence to make significant career decisions which I have been struggling with for some time.

She guided me to put things in perspective by asking the right questions at the right time, all while keeping focused on the goal of the session. Since my sessions I have seen powerful results.

I'd warmly recommend Dominique to anyone wanting to successful navigate a career transition/ business challenge, or simply to make positive changes in their life and get some well deserved work life balance.

Cornelia Radu