How would it feel to:

- See an increase in staff retention, manage teams who are more creative, are open minded problem solvers and communicators.

- To have departments which are more productive with streamlined systems and run efficiently.

- Deliver what you need them to deliver, so they have high levels of ownership, motivation and initiative.

- Have leaders who understand their team, who know how to manage different personality types so the team use individual strengths to become a powerhouse.

- Manage individuals who recognise their potential and promote equal opportunities in your workplace.

Train your staff to have effective, assertive conversations so feedback is useful and implemented immediately.

How will coaching help your leaders?

You have a skilled team made up of creative thinkers, makers, designers and doers. They are your strength; these people are your company and they are worth investing in further. Change needs to happen to allow you to streamline and refine systems, expand and grow.

Your staff are the best source of information to tell you how your ship is running. There may be issues which have not been mentioned to the senior leaders, information which would help you to grow. Coaching, team diagnostics and psychometrics can help to facilitate conversations so you can make the changes which your company needs.

Dominique Atwell is the impartial mechanism who will support and listen (I mean really listen) to what is being said. Staff will appreciate having a voice, have a shared purpose, notice where they and their team are right now, understand what will guide their team to action and what context their team is operating in. Leaders, new and experienced, will be confident in who they want to be and their impact on others.

How does this work?

Dominique will communicate the messages from your workforce around public goals and common themes which arise – helping you to understand your companies needs further.

Employees will feel supported to achieve targets and goals and have accountability.

Imagine an office where people are focused, inspired and motivated with shared goals and values.

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