Dear fellow Mum.

Wow, it only seems like two minutes since your little one was born and you are either considering your return to work or you’ve just gone back. Your brain feels like a former shadow of your impactful self, consumed with thoughts about sleep (lack of), feeding schedules and now, with work looming, the added anxiety of going back to your job.

Your priorities have changed – you used to be the last one in the office, the high performer who was pinned for high things, known for your impact and great ideas… but having a baby has change the way you want to show up at work. You want the successful career but you also want to be a present mum. You want to show up to both of these roles without doubting yourself.

The problem

If you go back to the hours and the way you used to work, you won’t be able to be there for your child in the way you want to. Mum Guilt.

Return to your job with this overwhelming self-doubt, questioning your every move and sentence, inevitable increases the chance of burn out, stress related anxiety and not being the inspirational, motivating leader you once were.

Is there a way to feel like you are enough, have confidence in yourself and be successful at both roles; mum and leader?

The good news...

You are not alone!

I have also been there – a former leader, who suffered with Impostor Phenomenon, with 2 children. After experiencing coaching and the impact it had removing my self-doubt, I was certain I could help others as it had helped me.

Voted one of the top 20 coached 2021 (Found and Flourish) and a trained ACC certified coach, I have designed an impactful, life changing ‘return to work’ coaching programme, which will support you to be confident in your role and enable you to see that you are enough! Over this 6 week programme you will experience a mixture of group coaching and workshops and 1:1 Coaching sessions, enabling you to once more add value to your team but without sacrificing your own needs.

How will this programme help me?

This programme will allow you to lead in a way that means you are 100% focused at work and your 100% present with your children at home.

Using a mixture of training, coaching based on Positive Psychology, Neuroscience, NLP and Transactional Analysis, I will support you will explore your mindset, behaviours and habits – you will be empowered acknowledging and playing to your strengths . I will help you clear the fog and allow you to see the real you once more.

86% of company recoup their investment in coaching and so will you. ( Organisations also have a budget for you to complete CPD upon your return.)

Imagine your life without negative self-talk and self-doubt. Imagine if you weren’t second guessing your decisions and choices or felt confident walking into the meetings upon your return to work. What would it be like?

Here’s to allowing mums to feel they can have it all, a successful career and a content, present mum.

If you are action focused and ready to be a confident leader who believes in themself at work and at home, this course if for you.

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