About me...

'Making my career change took a change in mindset.'

Dominique Atwell

ACC, ICF ACTP Certified Mindset and development Coach

Dear fellow Mum.

You’re busy. Prioritising yourself, your wellbeing, can seem like an impossible task. You feel too busy to even recognise yourself and you have lost your identity. From work to sorting out the kids, then sleep and repeat - time is scarce for you.

I get it – I’ve been there. It can feel like we are on a treadmill at times. You want the successful career but you also want to be a present mum. You want to show up to both of these roles without doubting yourself and comparing yourself to others.

Self-doubt runs wild in your mind;

· You used to feel confident - but not now.

· Working from home means it will be hard to get visibility. You feel forgotten about.

· Work feels familiar, but you haven’t got fresh eyes and are not treated as a newbie.

· You’re tired - how will you get your head back in the game?

· “I have not got a clue what has been going on since I left.

· “What if I have nothing to contribute to each meetings? My boss is going to questions why I have even bothered to show up. I don’t add any value.”

This overwhelming feeling, questioning your every move, inevitable increases the chance of burn out, stress related anxiety and not being the inspirational, motivating leader you once were.

Is there a way to feel like you are enough, have confidence in yourself and be successful at both roles; mum and be successful at work?

You are not alone! 70% of professional doubt they are enough (Impostor Phenomenon).

I have also been there – a former leader, who suffered with Impostor Phenomenon, with 2 children. After experiencing coaching and the impact it had removing my self-doubt, I was certain I could help others as it had helped me.

Fast forward a few years, voted one of the top 20 coached 2021 (Found and Flourish) and a trained ACC certified coach, I offer incredible 1:1 Coaching sessions, which will support female professionals and entrepreneurs like you, to start playing bigger; remove self-doubt and prioritise your mindset and well-being so you can live a content, fulfilled life.

Over 4-6 sessions you will experience life changing ‘ah ha’ moments which will impact the way you live your life. You will make changes and transformations in your life which will mean;

- you have increased confidence

- you will understand what has been holding you back

- you will identify and remove feelings of not being good enough addressing impostor syndrome / phenomenon

so you can live your life doing what you love.

Coaching sessions and programmes will allow you to lead in a way that means you are 100% focused at work and your 100% present with your children at home.

Using a mixture of training, coaching based on Positive Psychology, Neuroscience, NLP and Transactional Analysis, I will support you will explore your mindset, behaviours and habits – you will be empowered acknowledging and playing to your strengths . I will help you clear the fog and allow you to see the real you once more.

86% of company recoup their investment in coaching and so will you. Imagine your life without negative self-talk and self-doubt. Imagine if you weren’t second guessing your decisions and choices or felt confident walking into the meetings upon your return to work. What would it be like?

Here’s to allowing mums to feel they can have it all, a successful career and a content, present mum.

If you are action focused and ready to be a successful professional or entrepreneur, who believes in themselves at work and at home, coaching sessions are for you.

To find out more information about the course – book a call with me today.

How can I help?

I offer a variety of coaching styles and approaches to suit all. From 1:1 personalised coaching sessions, to group courses. A flexible service which suits your needs and personality.

Why people choose to work with me:

  • I am an ACC ICF Accredited Coach, with 15 years educating, leadership and mentoring experience.

  • As a mindset transformation coach and mum of two girls, I believe in empowering women and children to live happy and fulfilling lives, personally and professionally.

  • I work with clients to calm the noise in their life, and find clarity and contentment.

  • Working together we uncover blocks, patterns of thinking, behaviours and habits that hinder you from living the life (personally or professionally) that you dream of.

Call or email me to find out how we can work together.