I support female professionals and entrepreneurs like you, to start playing bigger; remove self doubt and prioritise your mindset and well-being so you can thrive at work and at home.

Coaching sessions will enable you;

  • to address feelings of not being good enough

  • to find ways you can feel comfortable in your own skin

  • to increase your confidence at home and at work.

  • learn prioritisation skills at work and at home. Learn how to say no so you can be more valuable to those around you.

  • You always ask yourself, 'who am I to...'

  • You have recently been promoted and you feel like a fraud, worried you are going to get 'found out'.

  • Something needs to change in your role or career; You feel like work is sucking your joy.

  • you suffer with some or a few of the following: perfectionism, overworking, over-preparing, procrastination, hiding mistakes so you don't get found out, deflecting any nice comment which is said to you.

  • You're not sure what you're doing and you compare yourself to others

  • You are holding back from being visible or networking, even though that's what you have to do to get your next role.

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